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Doggy Daycare

Come Play The Day Away at Blessed Paws!

Doggy Daycare provides dogs with a safe place to spend time, while away from their owners. This is a good solution when you need to either be at work several hours a day or running errands. We take care of your pets for you with a rewarding & fulfilling daycare experience. Put your mind at ease knowing that your beloved pets are cared for, safe, and exerting some energy! With our indoor and outdoor play area option, the fun never stops. Every month our team members host some amazing and fun events for our daycare crew. Trust us, you don’t want to miss them! You can view the upcoming daycare events on our events page.

Our Doggy Daycare program is available Monday through Friday from 9AM – 5PM

Half-Day (4 hours or less is $20)     Full-Day (4 hours or more is $35)

First time temperament test is $15

Daycare Packages (Days can be spilt up and do not have to be used in the same week) 

1 week pass $140 (Full-Day) – 1 week pass $80 (Half-Day)

2 week pass $280 (Full- Day) – 2 week pass $160 (Half-Day)

Upcoming Daycare Events: 

June 4th – Doggy Ice Cream

June 6th – Bacon Bubbles

June 11th – Ice Ice Baby

June 13th – Best Dog Dad

June 18th – Aloha Day

June 20th – Frozen Lick Mats

June 25th – Tennis Ball Day

June 27th – B-Bark-Q




Q. How old does my dog have to be to join the doggy daycare group?

A. As long as your furry friend has his last round of shots, he can join the fun! (DHPP, Bordetella & Rabies)


Q. Can I pack my dog lunch or a mid day snack?

A. Absolutely! Just like a Childs daycare, our daycare group gets an hour break mid day to ensure everyone gets a yummy mid day snack and nobody gets over stimulated.


Q. My dog is new to daycare, how do I go about getting him enrolled in the daycare group?

A. Once you can provide proof of current vaccinations, then your pup may go through a Temperament Test. If your pup passes the test, the only thing left to do is play!


Q. Will my dog be supervised the whole time while he’s playing with others?

A. Yes, there will always be an Animal Care Attendant present during group play.


Q. Can I see my dog play in daycare?

A. We don’t have a direct camera in the daycare yard for you to view. However, you will receive lots of pictures throughout playtime via text and email.


Q. My dog is not fixed and is 8 months old, can he still join?

A. Yes. As long as your dog is under the age of a year he can still join (If not yet spayed/neutered)


Q. My dog is being boarded, can he join daycare while I’m away?

A. Of course! You will receive a discount on Daycare since your dog will be boarding with us. It’ll be $15 for half a day and $20 for full day.