Doggy Daycare

Come Play The Day Away at Blessed Paws!

Doggy Daycare provides dogs with a safe place to spend time, while away from their owners. This is a good solution when you need to either be at work several hours a day or running errands. We take care of your pets for you with a rewarding & fulfilling daycare experience. Put your mind at ease knowing that your beloved pets are cared for, safe, and exerting some energy! With our indoor and outdoor play area option, the fun never stops.

Our Doggy Daycare Program is available Monday through Friday from 9AM – 5PM

Half-Day (4 hours or less is $20)     Full-Day (4 hours or more is $35)

First time temperament test is $15

Daycare Packages (Days can be spilt up and do not have to be used in the same week) 

1 week pass $140 (Full-Day) – 1 week pass $80 (Half-Day)

2 week pass $280 (Full- Day) – 2 week pass $160 (Half-Day)




Q. My dog is under 1 year old and is not fixed. Can he still attend doggy daycare?

A. Yes. Any dog under 1 year of age can attend our Doggy Daycare program and socialization during the puppy stage is very important.


Q. Do you have any restrictions on what breeds can join daycare?

A. No. We welcome all breeds, shapes and sizes.


Q. Why does my dog have to pass the one time temperament test if he’s been in daycare before at another facility?

A. We require all first time guests to take a temperament test before joining our daycare group. This test is a 15min evaluation on the overall temperament of your dog. We’re looking at any signs of aggression, body language, and overall temperament.


Q. It’s raining outside, is daycare still scheduled?

A. Yes. Our facility is equipped with both an outside yard and an indoor play area.