Come Stay With Us!

With amenities for a total of 128 pets of every size, we have several options to choose from to fit your needs. The facility has 34 luxury Saint Suites and 28 Disciple Rooms. All boarding areas are well-appointed and thoughtfully designed with pets’ comfort, safety, and peaceful relaxation in mind.
Stop in for a tour! Available during business hours!

Day Boarding

Leaving for the day and don’t want to leave your dog home alone?  Bring your dog to us for the day!

$35 for 1st pet   

+ $15 for 2nd pet


Saint Suite

6×10 indoor/outdoor suite with spacious patio, premium Kuranda bedding, 24 hour calming music and live camera feed.

$80 per night (Single occupancy)

+ $30 (2nd and 3rd pet)

+ $20 (4th pet)

Disciple Room

 4×6 indoor suite. This accommodation includes (4) potty walks per day and premium Kuranda bed

$65 for 1st pet

+ $25 for 2nd pet

Meditation Suite 

 Suites similar to the size of holding pens you see at a veterinarians office. Our guests will receive (4) potty walks per day and a premium bedding

$40 for 1st pet 

Cat Condos

Multi-level cat condo with private litter box cubby. Playtime service available upon request.

$50 per night for 1st pet 

 + $20 for 2nd pet

Boarding a la carte Services


Potty walks $5 each

Treat Puzzle $10 each

Cuddle Time $15 each

Nature Walks $15 each

Playtime $15 each

Half-Day Daycare $15 (4 Hours of play)

Half-Day Daycare $20 (8 hours of play)

– 7 Night Special –

Saint Suites:   (3) free 15 min playtimes and Deluxe Bath

Disciple Rooms:   (3) free 15 min playtimes and Deluxe Bath

– 5 Night Special –

Complimentary exit bath – Shampoo, conditioner and blow-dry

*Receive 10% off for boarding 14 days or more!

*Ask about our season bath package!  



Q. What can I bring for my pets while they are staying with you?

A. We encourage you to bring anything you want! This could be blankets, beds, food, toys, a picture of the family or even their favorite stuffed animal.


Q. Do you provide food or do I have to bring food?

A. We recommend you bring food as it’s already something your pet is used to eating. However, we have Purina EN available upon request. Both in wet food and dry kibble.


Q. Do both of your suites have camera access for the owner?

A. No. Only our Saint Rooms have access. However, with both rooms you will receive daily report cards with pictures and a description on how your baby is doing.


Q. How will I be charged for boarding and when do I pay?

A. You will be charged per night that your pet is staying with us and you will pay the day you pick up.


Q. When can I drop off and pick up my pets?

A. Any time during business hours. We also have the option to do after hours pickup/drop off and before hours pick up/drop off. $35. (Ask our concierge team about this when booking)