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Come Stay With Us!

With amenities for a total of 128 pets of every size, we have several options to choose from to fit your needs. The facility has 34 luxury Saint Suites, 14 Disciple Rooms and additional Meditation cage-bank style kennels available and ideal for small pets who require less activity and quiet environment. All boarding areas are well appointed and thoughtfully designed with pets' comfort, safety and peaceful relaxation in mind.

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Day Boarding

$35 per day    $15 for 2nd pet

*includes a free 20 min Playtime!


Saint Suite

$70 per night  -  add 2-3 pets to share the suite  $20 each     4th pet $10

*free complimentary bath for 3 nights or more


Disciple Room

$55 per night  -  2nd pet to share the room $15

*free complimentary bath for 3 nights or more


Meditation Kennel

$40 per night  -  single pet only

*free complimentary bath for 3 nights or more


Cat Condos

$40 per night  - 2nd cat $20


Boarding a la carte Services

Walks               Playtimes

$5 each            $10 each

- 7 Night Special -

Saint Suites:   3 free 20 min playtimes, complimentary bath, nail trim

Disciple Rooms:   3 free 15 min playtimes, complimentary bath, nail trim

Meditation Kennel:    4 free 15 min walks, complimentary bath, nail trim


*Receive 10% off for boarding 14 days or more!

What Sets Our Boarding Facility Apart

We offer three tiers of boarding  -  Our Luxury Indoor/Outdoor Saint Suites, Indoor-only Disciple Rooms and the Meditation Kennels.

Saint Suites

The saint Suites are our . Suites are fully equipped with televisions (tuned to your pets favorite channel), crib sized custom bed frames and indoor-outdoor access.
The private outdoor run has fencing and 3ft high cinder block walls to ensure the safety of animals of all sizes and personalities. There is also 24-hour camera access so you can enjoy watching your pet while you are away.
Accommodations for the first pet is $70, with an additional $20 for the second to third pet and $10 for each pet after. The number of pets allowed per room is determined based on size and temperament.

Disciple Rooms

Disciple suites are indoor-only rooms with custom beds similar to those of the Saint Suites. Each is climate controlled, with vented air ducts throughout the facility. Quiet and peaceful, Disciple suites are ideal for pets who are easily stressed. A glass front door gives them the freedom to look around while enjoying the seclusion and security of a private room.
Pets staying in the Disciple Suites are walked and fed twice daily. A complimentary bath is given after a 3 night stay. Nightly rates for the Disciple suite is $55 for the first pet and $15 for the second and third pet. Additional play time, reading time, and grooming services can be purchased if desired.

Meditation Kennels

Our Meditation center is similar to the cage banks that you often find inside veterinary hospitals. These rooms are open to a central area. Because they are made of pressure laminate instead of stainless steel, they offer a more comfortable temperature, less sound, and increased durability. In additions, they are easy to sanitize.
We can now accommodate our feline friends with their own cat condos located in the Medication Center. Each condo come equipped with a private litter box cubby and an elevated shelf for lots of lounging area.
Although these are smaller that our Suites, your pet will still get all of the individualized care and attention he or she needs. He or she will be walked and fed twice daily. The Meditation center is $40 per night with a 1 pet max.