Meet our Trainer - Ashlynn Nesmith

Hello, My name is Ashlynn. I have been a dog trainer for many years now and working with animals has always been a passion of mine. To train a dog, there’s a lot of fundamentals and techniques that goes into it but the outcome is like no other. It's very rewarding for both the dog and the owner. I look forward to working alongside you and your pup as we build an unforgettable bond through training.

Training services that I offer:

Puppy Kindergarten

A daily drop off program that meets Tuesday,
Wednesday, and Thursdays for 4 consecutive weeks.
Puppy Kindergarten is an excellent day program designed to build a solid foundation for obedience and proper social skills. This class teaches: Look – Touch – Come/Name recognition – Place –  ​introduction to proper leash walking – Wait – Down – Easy – No jumping/no biting – Crate training – Proper potty training skills

Board and Train

During our basic program, we will teach your dog to sit, down, stay, come, place, and to heel. Our trainer will also work on any issues you may be experiencing with your dog, such as jumping on people, barging out the door, getting on furniture, counter surfing, and pulling on the leash. Included in this program are weekly pictures and videos of your dog’s progress, as well as one-on-one training with you when your dog returns home. There will also be at least 2 field trips to ensure your dog understands the training is for everywhere not just at the resort.

Advanced Off Leash

Our trainers most popular board and train package, this course lasts 4 weeks and is
great for owners who want off-leash results from a dog that has never had
any previous professional dog training. This program teaches the dog to
sit, down, stay, come, place, and to heel, both on and off leash. They will also learn wait, drop it, leave it and off.  With Amber’s AOL Board and Train, Amber will build a solid foundation for your dog and work through the stages of training at the dog’s pace. She will expose your dog to a variety of different environments during field trips, add in several different distractions, and situations.  Included in this program are weekly pictures and videos of your dog’s progress, as well as one-on-one training with you when the dog returns home and an electronic dog collar from E-Collar Technologies will be provided.

Day Training

Your dog comes for the day, gets training
while here and then goes home at night. This program requires a lot more effort on the owner part and will not be successful if you do not practice at home. A 5-day minimum commitment is required. These days must be consecutive. This training program is ideal for specific training needs. Examples- anxiety that prevents your dog from being able to board overnight, working with specific Day Care issues, grooming issues etc..

Private Lessons (one-on-one)

These sessions are designed to address specific issues within the
dogs day to day environment. Because we can tailor these lessons to meet each person’s individual needs, lessons can be held in your home, place of business or any dog-friendly location outside of the home.

Behavior Modification

An overnight program carefully designed to address serious behavior problems. This program always requires an in-person consultation.

Dynamo Puppy Class

This class will go over the development of puppies, what to do
and what not to do during each stage of development and will teach basic manners. Age group : 4months-
6months (may come younger if fully vaccinated) 
This class teaches: – Sit – Down – Leash etiquette – Place – Wait – Off – Basic body handling
*This will also cover tips for kennel training, potty training, and social outings.

Basic Beginnings Class

This class is designed for puppies and adults 6mo and up.  This is a foundational class so dogs with minimal to no training are welcome! This class teaches: sit-down-leash etiquette- place- wait- off- stage 1/3 for recall and Leave it.

Reactive to Proactive

This class is designed to help owners learn and gain confidence
having their reactive dogs in public or just be able to walk them without fear or anxiety. This class requires an in-person consultation prior to starting class to go over muzzle conditioning. All dogs in class must wear a muzzle for safety reasons.

Social Benefits Class 

This is an advanced obedience class. This class focuses on the life applications of being out in public. The focus of this class is to master the 3 D’s needed to be a good social dog. Distance, Duration and Distractions. All the commands above will be tested by the 3 D’s.